• Jacob Brody

    Pathologically Helpful Human Being

  • Hi I’m Jacob Brody. I'm a consultant, entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

    I'm currently a Founding Partner at platform consultancy Helpful Networks. We work with mid & large-cap clients on strategies for leveraging new platforms while standardizing and productizing existing assets/capabilities to build new platforms. I am currently an advisor to Vast Ventures, Descartes Labs and Abra. Basically, founders, corporate executives and investors like me because I'm a helpful, honest and happy guy.

    I previously Co-Founded Benny, a freelancer finance and insurance startup backed by Google Ventures, Expansion VC, WGI and others. Before that, as a Founding Partner at MESA Ventures, I backed 30+ companies across consumer, hardware, adtech, fintech, and enterprise software.


    In a previous life I was​ a reporter at Venturebeat and founded a non-profit helping entrepreneurs. In my free time I like to write nerd/startup themed raps. I'm a born and bred New Yorker, just like my wife Lauren.

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